Monday, May 11

Easy Cold Brew Coffee

It's officially iced coffee season! Have you had your first frosty cup yet? Claire is a hot coffee only kind of girl, but during the Spring and Summer months, more likely than not, you'll find me sipping on a glass of homemade cold brew, like, allll day long.

So, why cold brew and not just regular old coffee poured over ice? Besides being incredibly easy to make, the cold brew method produces a less acidic cup of coffee than traditional brew methods, allowing for different flavor profiles to appear. That means a smoother tasting, far less bitter cup, with undertones (often times chocolate, vanilla, maple, or fruit) that really stand out. Ok, basically it's coffee...but more delicious! While there are all sorts of beautiful pots and presses designed specifically for cold brewing (like this one or this one), all you really need is ground coffee, water, and a French press (or in a pinch, a pitcher or mason jar). So simple!

Easy Cold Brew Coffee //
4 1/2 ounces (roughly 1 3/4 cup) coarsely ground coffee
3 1/2 cups cold filtered water

Step one / Place the coffee grounds in a french press, add water, and stir to combine. Cover with lid and plunger but do press down on the plunger. Let steep at room temperature for at least 12 hours (or up to 24 hours).

Step two / After 12 hours, press down on the plunger to force all the grounds to the bottom of the press. Next, line a fine-mesh strainer with a standard coffee filter and fit it over a pitcher, jar, or bowl. Slowly pour the coffee into the filter until all of the liquid has passed through the strainer. Discard the filter and the remaining grounds in the press.

Step three / Rinse and dry the press and transfer the strained coffee into the pitcher. Cover and refrigerate until completely chilled, at least 2 hours or up to 5 days.

To serve, dilute the concentrate with an equal portion of water or your choice of cream or milk. Sweeten if desired and top with ice.

How to you take your coffee? I take my cold brew with almond milk and a splash of honey simple syrup. It's soooo good! Here's a quick and easy honey simple syrup recipe...

Honey Simple Syrup //
Over medium heat, stir together equal parts honey and filtered water in a small saucepan. Once honey dissolves, remove from heat. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator up to two weeks.

Happy sipping! Xx. Lauren

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