Monday, June 22


Were you inspired by Lauren's amazing bedroom makeover? I sure was! My bedroom has been on my makeover list for awhile. My husband and I have a decent size three bedroom apartment but our bedroom is pretty small, so we don't spend much time in there apart from sleeping. Because of that, I haven't worried too much about how it looks. It's always been a rotating random mess of hodgepodge items and decor. I'm finally ready to clear out and decide on exactly what look I want for the room. Instead of walking into the room every day and hating the way it looks, I'm excited to create a comfortable bedroom space that will help me relax and feel at peace!

Here are a few goals I have for the room:
• Paint the walls white to brighten the room. Our landlord painted before we moved in and I HATE the two shades of green she chose!
• DIY a wood headboard (like this one) for the bed.
• Night stands on both sides of the bed. The space is small so beside tables can be tricky. I found some inspiration here. Now to figure out if I DIY or buy.
• New window treatments and bedding.
• Pick out new artwork that compliments the neutral color pallet.
• Find mirror for above the dresser?

Have any ideas or suggestions for me? I always love to hear your creative ideas!
Also, please excuse these not so flattering few photos. With one window and not a lot of natural light, plus those ugly green wall (they MUST GO!), the room doesn't photograph so well.



  1. Love your plans! The small bookshelf roundup is amazing! I struggle with no bedside table as well as my bed is tucked into a corner right next to the closet. I got the Ikea picture rail for $10, cut it down to size and it works perfectly right above my bed by my wall mounted light. It's pretty sturdy too so I don't worry about a glass of water, my phone, and a piece of art on it. Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Taitin. I'm putting the room together slowly but surely. Still need to make the final decision on night stands, but what a great idea to use an Ikea picture rail. Ikea hacks for life!

      -Claire of F+M