Monday, June 29

LIFE / STYLE: Take the back roads...

Something about summer brings about a wild wanderlust in my heart. Do you feel the same? Maybe it's the humidity that hangs thick in the air or the fact that the sun rises early and seems like it might never set, but these warm days make me want to jump in the car and drive and drive and explore and drive some more. And that was just our plan last weekend. To celebrate mine and Matt's anniversary, we decided to pack light and travel far and deep in to the South, with our sights set on Kentucky or possibly even Louisiana, because there's just nothing quite like a road trip through the deep South and we felt like chasing down some extra warm weather.

Alas, life got in the way. Or more specifically, work, and responsibilities, and time restraints, and all that boring kind of adult stuff got in the way. So we made do with a quick trip to Michigan to satiate my wayfaring needs and to spend a little quality time with my family in Ann Arbor. Usually we hop on the main expressway that loops around the lake and makes a straight shot across the state, but this time we decided to switch up our route with a little one-lane highway that does a bit of curving around and meandering. Taking the back roads is always the best option, you guys!

We took our time driving down the twisty and tunr-y little highway, windows down, soaking up the dappled sunlight peeking through tree branches that hung low over the road. We took in quaint little one stoplight towns and stopped the car and explored whenever we felt like it. We pulled of at a roadside farm stand and filled brown paper sacks with Michigan cherries and I tasted the juiciest peach of my life. We got lost more than once and didn't even care!

It wasn't that the trip was anything spectacular. The drive was scenic but mostly monotonous farmland. Michigan is charming but really just looks like rural anywhere, USA. It wasn't the scenery or the miles or the fact that getting out of town quelled my wanderlust. Those country roads forced me to slow down a bit and enjoy being in the moment. Shrug off some of those time restraints, and responsibilities, and boring old adult stuff and really take in what's around me. We could all stand to take the backroads more often!

On Lauren / dress: by d.RA Clothing from Black Salt / sandals: Dansko / weekender bag: snagged at Dose Market

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  1. I always take the back roads! Less traffic and more time to just soak it all in :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries