Tuesday, August 4

Brunch Me: The Winchester

Sunday brunch...quite possibly my two favorite words in the English language. Besides the obvious (bottomless mimosas and biscuits and gravy), I love brunch because it's so much more than just a meal, it's a state of mind. Roll out of bed, call your besties, share a meal and stuff yourself silly, then immediately head home to take a nap. That's my formula for a successful brunch. I tend to opt for the laid back brunch vibe, nothing fancy for me on a Sunday morning. And you'll always find me in my brunch uniform; the t-shirt I slept in the night before, ripped up denim (or maybe a dress that's easy as pie to throw on), shades, and red lipstick. Every time. I swear I'm not trying to establish a signature look here. It's just that red lips and sunglasses compliment sleepiness/a slight hangover so well!

I have a few favorite spots around the city where I know the wait is short and the food is ah-mazing. The Winchester is hands down my favorite! The decor is light and airy and has a very modern minimalist farm house coolness to it (Herron Clothier made the tapestries hanging in the dining room and bar and every time I'm there I try to figure a way to smuggle one out in my bag). I can't decide if the avocado toast or the egg sandwich is better, but that's neither here nor there because all you need to know is... get. the. waffles! Omg, those waffles.

On Lauren: Sunglasses + Dress: UO / Vintage Bolo Tie / Birkenstock Sandals / Bag: Feathers in Austin, TX

Now you're dying to check out the Winchester, right? You're in luck! Because we're hosting a DIY Dream Catcher Workshop + Brunch with local maker, Taylor Mauch, at The Winchester this coming Sunday, August 9th! Learn more about the workshop and purchase your ticket here. And please don't judge me if I show up with red lips and shades. ;)


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