Wednesday, September 23

Studio Makeover with Centered by Design / AFTER (+ a Giveaway!)

TA-DA! Today we're sharing the AFTER photos from our recent studio makeover. And, you guys, we are just so in love with our new space. Remember how the loft looked BEFORE? Pretty lackluster, right? But the oh so talented Claire Staszak, of Centered by Design, swept in and transformed the room from blah to this bohemian creative sanctuary! She worked with us to sort through a few design challenges and helped us think outside the proverbial box. Below, Claire shares some pro-tips on how to approach the daunting task of redesigning a room of your own (spoiler alert...there's an amazing Giveaway at the end so read all the way through)!

Hi guys! Claire here, again. I hope you like how the AFTER of our little studio re-desing turned out! I think we definitely took the beauty and function of this loft up a few notches. I'd love to fill you in on the design process.

First, it's important to see the design process as a problem solving process. Identifying the issues with your current space will give you direction, and a jumping off point, from which to start designing.

It is helpful to put parameters around the project to narrow down all the possible outcomes. Once you know the issues, then you can imagine and implement the design solutions. Coming up with the correct solution for the project or space can take some serious brainstorming, but that is when inspiration boards, Pinterest, magazines, etc...will come in handy. If you know the problem you are trying to solve, you'll be more apt to notice when you come across a possible solution!

Here's how I tackled the issues and parameters for the loft:

Parameter 1 / Keep the walls white. No paint! (Landlord's orders)

Design Solution: Add pops of color everywhere else! Use bright textiles, plants, painted furniture and colorful window frames to add necessary hue.

Parameter 2 / Anything hanging on the walls needs to be versatile and easily removable.

Design Solution: My favorite DIY project of the makeover! We constructed a dowel and leather rack to display Claire and Lauren's favorite rugs and blankets. They can swap out textiles depending on the season or their mood and it creates such a gorgeous focal point! And with minimal attachment to the wall, it's easy to take down or move. (Keep an eye out for the DIY coming to the blog soon!)

Parameter 3 / Establish a dedicated work area and a defined hang out space.

Design Solution: The studio is a fairly small room, long and narrow, so I had to get creative with the arrangement of furniture. I separated the desks from the hang out space and further created a "lounge feel" by adding a curtain and lantern above the sitting area. It completed the look and give the space its own identity.

Parameter 4 / Stick with a bohemian vibe (and stay within our (modest) budget).

Design solution: To play up a laid back boho vibe, I brought in vintage and artisan made textiles, unique accessories, and lush plants from two of my favorite local vendors, Territory Designs and Alapash New Home. Claire and Lauren decided that was where they wanted to spend the bulk of their budget, so we sourced vintage and inexpensive (ie. Ikea) furniture. Real life confession: That bookshelf was a totally dumpster find. We even found those amazing mid-century brass legs in the trash! So we enlisted the fabulous team at MegMade to do what they do best. They gave the bookshelf a little makeover with colorful paint and made it look brand new. Ps. The wicker love seat? An alley find as well!

We had a blast re-imagining this one room studio, and we'd love to help you get the look for your space too. So it's GIVEAWAY time! One lucky winner will receive an Artisan Made Pillow from Territory Designs and a Peruvian Alpaca Throw from Alapash New Home. PLUS, Centered by Design will personalize a mood board for a room re-design of your choosing. You'll get a 30 minute design consultation with Claire (via phone or Skype) and she'll round it out with suggestions for other pieces that will complete the look based on your personal style and the scale of your room. The "Get the Look" loop giveaway is hosted on Instagram only so head on over to @foxtailandmoss to enter to win. Good luck!


  1. SOOOO great! My big sis rocks!

  2. Love this space! Way to go Claire, you're the coolest!

  3. This just creams a perfect balance of the two of you! I love everything about this and what an amazing creative space for the two of you!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries