Friday, October 2

A Friday Distraction / 03

image via Pinterst

The first weekend of October is here! Do you have all sorts of Fall-ish plans in store? Sit back with your pumpkin spice latte and enjoy these few fun distractions to carry you through till 5 o'clock.

I guess we'll say Boogie Nights is a fair trade for Interview With a Vampire? Here's the line up of what Netflix giveth and taketh away this month.

We're totally digging the resurgence of wood paneling in the design world. What do you think- too 70s or so cool? Speaking of the 70s, check out these groovy rooms.

We're bout it bout it Autumn themed DIYs and this one is our favorite floating around right now.

Lauren just started reading this book and it's been seriously...well, life-changing!

Can't. Stop. Watching. and Laughing! "We are witnessing a baby f*$@ing whale right now, bro!"

Go home, Rick Owens. You're drunk.

Nothing but cacti? Yes please!

But what if GMOs really did look this fun?

Obsessed with this teeny tiny home tour.

Lauren is headed to Nashville this weekend and can't wait to visit a few of her favorite spots like this place and this place. What else should she check out?


  1. we have wood paneling in our bedroom and our basement. come take it all away from me. its yours. im screaming for it go far far away.

    1. That's A LOT of wood paneling, girl! I would totally take it off your hands if I could. ;) Xx. Lauren