Monday, October 5


What do your family dinners look like? A multiple course home-cooked meal shared around a giant farm table with the whole family gathered together, laughing and sharing memories? Yeah...that's not exactly our scene either! After long and busy days at work, our suppers are usually super rushed and thrown together last minute. More than we care to admit, we spend dinner time zoned out in front of the tv, scrolling through Instagram, or answering emails. With our hectic day to day, it's hard to synch our schedules with the ones we love the most, so when we heard about #billiondinners, we instantly took interest.

The Billion Family Dinners Challenge aims to bring people together by challenging the nation to achieve one billion shared meals – by logging their experiences on social media and the DinnerCall appThe point of the Billion Family Dinners Challenge is not to pretend that getting everyone together around the dinner table is easy, in fact, it’s often quite the opposite. However, as you begin to sit down with family more often, you will find that the time spent together ultimately pays off huge! Studies from leading researchers in family psychology are finding benefits such as lower obesity levels, decreased substance abuse, increased school performance, and more. Just from sharing a meal together. How cool is that!

Let's take on the Billion Family Dinner Challenge together! One billion dinners sounds like a lot, but can you imagine how positively impacted our society will be when we reach that milestone? All we have to do is sit down to 10 family meals in the next 2 weeks and track them on the DinnerCall app (free download for your iPhone or Android here!) In a culture consumed by mobile technology, The Billion Family Dinners Challenge encourages families to embrace technology for deepening connections, rather than working against it. Share your experiences, inspire others, and see other family dinners in progress by taking a photo and using the hashtag #billiondinners. In just 10 meals, you’ll begin to see a difference and dinnertime will be something you and your family looks forward to each night.

Tracking a Billion Dinners doesn’t just mean a better you, it means a better society. Join us in the movement! 

This post is sponsored by the Billion Family Dinners Challenge.

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