Friday, November 6

DIY Leather + Dowel Textile Display with Centered by Design

It's been a couple of months since we partnered with the darling Claire Hurwitz of Centered by Design to give our little studio a big makeover. Check it out HERE if you missed it. Today, Claire is sharing her DIY for the Leather + Dowel Hanging Textile Display. It's absolutely one of our favorite elements of the makeover and makes such an impact on our bare white walls. We love that we can switch up textiles and play with color and texture whenever we're feeling bored! Take it away, Claire...

This Leather and Dowel Textile Display served as a decorative and versatile focal point in the girls’ studio makeover. It's also one of the fastest and highest impact DIY projects I’ve ever done! Check out the directions below. - Claire

Supply List:
Wooden dowel from hardware store (we used a 1” x 72” hardwood round)
Leather strips from craft store (we used 1.5” x 42” cut to our desired length)
Brass wood screws with matching brass washers (depending on your wall you may need drywall anchors)
Power drill
A level may help

Determine best location for your dowel and measure from the floor up making sure your marks (for holes) are level and even.
Pre-drill your holes with power drill bit.
Use drill to put screws through both layers of leather securing leather to wall, creating the loop that will hold the dowel.
Place your dowel through the leather holders, and hang your favorite textiles!
You could get fancy and stain your dowel with some wood stain. Or paint it if you want to change up the color.

We tried hanging one, two and three textiles on the 72″ inch rod. I like the layered look best, but if you have one really large textile this display is a great option too. Bonus- I think it would also look fabulous as a headboard of sorts!

(Textiles: Territory, Lost Girls Vintage)

Thanks so much for sharing this DIY, Claire! Check out Claire's blog for tons of design and interior inspo. And don't forget to follow her on Instagram for a dose of lovely rooms and spaces on the daily!

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