Friday, February 19


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Warmer weather has hit Chicago and the sun is shining bright. As soon as we can, we're b-lining it outside to enjoy this rare beautiful February day. If you're stuck inside, here's a bit of a distraction to help pass the time. Have a lovely weekend!

We can't pass up a comfy sweater that reps girl power.

What's on your bucket list? Is staying in a glass igloo and viewing the Northern Lights one of them? It's on our list!

Ordering our gold swan now so we're ready when the warm weather hits!

We're got kimchi on the brain lately and this recipe sure is hitting the spot.

This print is perfect to fill an empty frame you have laying around the house.

We're excited to try this new Chicago restaurant.

This is how we feel about the weekend.

Painting a cast iron tub is in our future. Getting inspiration here and trying to pick the perfect color.

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