Wednesday, February 24

HOMEMADE // DIY Good Vibes Essential Oil Perfume

I sort of play the field when it comes to perfume. I can never decided on a signature scent! Sometimes I'm in the mood for girly and floral, others times I dig something sexy and earthy, and I know that I always love vanilla undertones. Shopping for fragrances to fit my every whim can get pricey. Plus traditional perfumes are often formulated with toxic chemicals that can seep into the skin- and that's just scary no matter how great I smell! So I decided to try my hand at a homemade body spray using essential oils. I had a ton of fun playing scent mixologist and I am loving my new perfume!

I dropped a charged crystal into the bottle for an extra boost of good vibes every time I spray on the scent. Warm a small crystal between your palms to increase the stones energy. Concentrate on positive thoughts and intentions. Drop the crystal into the glass bottle and let those good vibes infuse your perfume!

DIY Good Vibes Essential Oil Perfume //

Carrier Oil (like Vegetable Glycerine)
1-3 Essentail Oils
Glass Spray Bottle

* You want to pick a carrier oil that doesn't have a competing scent. I used vegetable glycerine because I like how lightweight it feels on my skin. Jojoba oil is another great option and has a nice long shelf life! Essential oils are concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from plants. Be sure that your essential oil does not come pre-mixed into a carrier oil as many do.

In an amber glass spray bottle, mix your carrier oil, essential oils, and water together. For every teaspoon of carrier oil, add 2 tablespoons of water, and anywhere between 20-50 drops of essential oil per scent. This can vary depending on the essential oils you use and how memorable or subtle you’d like your perfume to be. Start slow, you can always add more fragrance after your concoction has had a chance to mellow. I used sandal wood, lavender, and 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract!
Keep perfume in a cool, dark place (an amber glass spray bottle will do) as heat can alter the color and scent.


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