Wednesday, July 6


Let me start by saying that I absolutely hate secrets. Maybe it's my type A personality, but I can't stand when surprises are kept from me, and it's literally torture for me to hold in classified information. But man, oh man, have I been sitting on a big ol juicy (super adorable) secret for months now. I'm having a baby, you guys! Phew, it feels SO good to spill the beans!

Meet our little one, who we've affectionately nicknamed Moon Pie. I'm 6 months along now, due October 14th, and Matt and I are beside-ourselves-excited! Moon Pie is a way active little baby (punching and kicking like crazy!), loves listening to Neil Young, and doing yoga. And I'm a happy and healthy mama-to-be, with a constant craving for spinach and egg salad and berries.

Thanks for sharing in our happiness! I can't wait to share more with you as we get our lives and our home ready for this little bundle of joy! (And in case you're wondering, our t-shirts came from here.)

Xx. Lauren


  1. Oh my goodness, Lauren—congratulations! You look wonderful, and all my well wishes for you and your family!