Thursday, October 13


Offering a space for makers and admirers alike, W I T H / A N O T H E R is a brand new online journal bringing together a collective of creative Chicago women. The focus is on simplicity, small gatherings, exploration, and an essential lifestyle. By highlighting the women who make Chicago a notable city for creatives, W I T H / A N O T H E R focuses on discovering local visionaries, gathering inspiration for an authentic life, and connecting with likeminded ladies. "We believe that when people come together with one another, creativity and community flourish."

The darling women behind the blog are local creatives, Mandy Lancia and Abby St. Claire. (You might remember that Mandy and I collaborated on a Plant Swap together earlier this summer?) I absolutely adore these ladies- from their clean and saturated style to their approach on a well thought out, simple and beautiful lifestyle. They are seriously sweethearts through and through and I love the burst of energy that they are bringing to the local community!

W I T H / A N O T H E R has already featured a wide variety of women in the Chicago creative community- so many that I admire and am inspired by. Shop owners, artists, makers, influencers- I'm totally smitten with the way in which Mandy and Abby have shared these women and their stories. So I was blown over honored when they asked if they could feature Foxtail + Moss! I met Mandy for coffee recently and we chatted about everything from professional weed photography (don't ask) to baby stuff to her upcoming trip to the Pacific Northwest. And then I rambled through some interview questions which you can read here.

Thank you so much for featuring me, ladies. I cannot wait to see where this project takes you and the creative community here in Chicago! Follow W I T H / A N O T H E R on Instagram for some seriously lovely inspiration!

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  1. Cheers to creative and flourishing communities!