Monday, November 14


To say last week was a doozy would be an understatement. Like most of the country, and the world, I've been left feeling bewildered, angry, afraid, deeply deeply sad, and at a loss for what I can do. I took the weekend to mostly abstain from social media (Facebook, we seriously need a break) and reflect on how I can positively impact change and best be an ally to the marginalized and hurting communities around me. I wouldn't call myself a particularly politically active person, at least not until now, and in no way do I claim to have all the answers, but I definitely know a good place to start is putting my money where my mouth is. My family lives on a shoestring budget, but we are donating  as much as we can to causes of justice and equality. And I encourage you to do the same. I found this article to be a really great resource for organizations that most need our support.

This blog is a safe space for your voice to be heard. Feel free to start a conversation in the comments below. Or email me if you need a kind or encouraging word. I'm here. We are in this together. And love will always trump hate.

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