Monday, December 12


Tis the season for endless Holiday parties and visits to friend's and family's homes. There's nothing I hate more than showing up empty handed- total etiquette faux pas! But sometimes the traditional flowers or a bottle of wine seems so cliche. I put together this collection of fun and quirky gifts that will have your host wanting to invite you back again and again!

It doesn't matter whether or not your host is instrumentally inclined- even the most tone deaf will adore this colorful ukulele!

Full of recipes, how-tos, and anecdotes this coffee table book from Kate Spade will elevate anyone's hosting game. And I mean c'mon, that pink cover!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle up in this cheeky knit blanket from Cold Picnic!?

Candles make a lovely hostess gift but this super modern pyramid incense burner + copal incense sticks are way more unique.

If you're lucky, you'll have your morning coffee served in this oh so lovely copper French Press. And throw in the matching coffee scoop for good measure! (#seewhatididthere)

How gorgeous is this Candleholder String from ferm Living!

Enamel pins are all the rage so gift the cutest ones around! Herbie Heart by, Everything is Cool by People I've Loved, I Am Fun by

Vinyl is a way cool gift to give a way hip host. Score some extra cool points by going with something slightly obscure (like Miles Davis)!

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