Friday, August 29

Weekend Musings //

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Omg, it's Labor Day already!? Is summer really truly coming to a close? We're trying to enjoy these dog days to their fullest as much as we can but we have to admit that we might be daydreaming a bit about chunky sweaters, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice everything. Hope that your weekend is one full of adventure and good times with the ones you love the most!

Here is what's been keeping us amused lately on the world wide web //

Thinking about doing the cohabit thing with the boyf or girlf? Are you sure you're ready for that, dude? This flow-chart made us seriously lol and is pretty spot on!

We're all about getting our hustle on lately. This downloadable desktop paper is a pretty reminder to get after it on the daily!

Wanderlust has hit us both! We've been visiting We Love National Parks daily and planning future road trips to some amazing places.

We're been swooning over Ariele Alasko's headboards trying to get some inspiration from her collection was we try out hand at making our own simple wood headboards.

Learn more about astronomy and the constellations. Download a constellation app for your iphone or android. Point it at the sky and see what's all above you.

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