Friday, November 28

A FOXTAIL + MOSS Workshop: Phone Photography and Styling

Hey y'all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Today, we're avoiding the Black Friday madness that is raging outside, hunkering down at home to recover from yesterday's food comas, and reminiscing about what dreamy time we had hosting a Phone Photography and Styling Workshop last Sunday! With the full class of creative women, we spent our time together talking about photography, social media, apps, styling tips, and blogging. We sipped mimosas, ate delicious snacks, and of course took a bunch of photos!

We started off the afternoon with a quick lesson in photography basics, Instagram know-how, and Apps 101. Absolutely everyone had something to bring to the table. We all shared our experiences and knowledge, learning a ton from one another. It isn't hard to get inspired when you are surrounded by a room full of creative individuals.

Everyone was eager to get started snapping photos so we jumped right in, raiding the prop table and spreading out in the studio using every last square inch to snap carefully curated vignettes. We had some fantastic sponsors who provided nothing less than stunning props (thank you Alapash Home & Terrariums, Asrai Garden, Passion House Coffee, and Whole Foods Market!) and some incredibly talented ladies with an eye for capturing loveliness. Check out the pretty pictures that was captured through out the day:

Before we know it, the class was over. Time sure does flies when your having fun! We had such a great experience hosting this workshop. Look out for more to come in 2015. Stay tuned!

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