Tuesday, November 25

MAKE // DIY Faux Wishbone

Thanksgiving is one of our absolute favorite Holidays. An entire day devoted to cooking and eating delicious food, drinking wine, spending quality time with family and friends, and intermittently napping on the couch in sweatpants between rounds of leftovers. What is there not to love!? But our very favorite part of Thanksgiving is breaking the wishbone and making a wish. We've both loved this silly nostalgic little tradition since we were kids! (Have no idea what we're talking about? Check out this article.)
This year we sculpted faux wish bones out of clay so that everyone at the dinner table gets a chance to make a wish of their own. How cute are these little guys? They're perfect for playful table decorations or would make a darling hostess gift. And these faux wishbones are such a bonus (no pun intended. okay, pun totally intended) for vegetarians like Lauren, who might not miss the turkey but sure does miss the whole wishbone breaking tradition!

DIY Faux Wishbone //
One package of Sculpey Clay III Oven-bake Clay
Spray paint in the color of your choice

Take a small chuck of Sculpey Clay and, using your hands, roll your clay in to a "snake".
The snake should be roughly 10 inches long and be about the width of your pinky.
Form the snake in to a U shape smoothing any cracks with your finger.
Pinch the base of the U together and flatten. This creates the end of your wish bone. Smooth any cracks with your finger.
Follow these guidelines accordingly for baking Sculpey Clay.
Let cool and spray paint.

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