Friday, November 21

Shop Small Saturday

Sure everyone has heard of Black Friday; that magical day that comes but once a year where, if you're willing to risk possibly be trampled in a stampede at Walmart, you can score insanely underpriced items in an overly crowded mall. Sounds like sooo much fun! Eye roll. But have you heard of Small Business Saturday? On Saturday, November 29 ditch the big box chain stores and shop small and locally owned businesses in your area. Look for stores that carry handmade and homespun wares produced by artists in your area (if you're in Chicago check out some of our favorite shops that carry items made by independent artists!) Being a conscious consumer and shopping small isn't always easy, but it is something we strive to do. Shopping small and locally not only means your are supporting an independent artisan (like those individuals featured on our series Behind the Brand), but you're helping that artist to hone their craft, share their talent, and grow their community.

We're making a pledge to shop small and local this Holiday season. Will you join us?

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