Monday, December 1

MAKE // Holiday Wall Hanging

Happy December, y'all! We're so excited about this most festive time of year and can't wait to spread a little Holiday cheer here on FOXTAIL + MOSS.

Claire and I both celebrate Christmas, however we're not huge on "traditional decorations". No giant inflatable Snoopy snowmen in our yards, thank you! We prefer a more simple, minimal, natural vibe when we're decking our homes for the Holidays. Made with branches and twigs snapped from trees and bushes around my neighborhood, I adore the wild woodsy feel of this wall hanging. Below, learn to make your own with greenery and twigs gathered from your backyard, a local park, or garden nursery.

DIY Holiday Wall Hanging //

Copper Pipe (cut to your desired length. I used two and a half feet.)
Fishing Wire
Assorted Greenery

Collect branches, twigs, and greenery and drill a small hole in the end of each. Later, you will thread fishing wire through the holes to hang each branch. Clear off space on a table or the floor and begin to arrange and style your branches. Keep in mind that you're going for a wild, free, and natural look so don't worry too much about symmetry. Once you've arranged your branches in a way you're happy with, feed fishing wire through each pre-drilled hole. Tie each wire around the copper pipe. Feed a length of wire through the copper pipe, tie off, and hang!

I can't get over the heavenly pine-y smell this hanging is infusing in my home. Smells just like Christmas should! If you make a hanging of your own, don't forget to share it with us by tagging a photo #fmholidays!


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  1. Per usual you've put together a simple and perfect DIY! Love this!!

  2. Aw, thanks Erin! Hope your Holidays are lovely! Xx. Lauren