Monday, October 20

MAKE // Faux Weaving

So you know how we're just a tad obsessed with weaving and wall hangings (also here), yeah? It's such an incredibly relaxing hobby. But learning the ins and outs of loom weaving is an acquired skill; one that takes time to learn and hone, one that we're still working on. So we're here to show you how to make a lovely and easy wall hanging for your home, the "cheaters" way. It's one part kiddie craft and one part stunning piece of art.

You need // 


Remember these plastic mesh thingys of our youth? I recall making more than one fairly hideous scene depicting a turtle or a soccer ball or something like that. Bad stuff. But weaving on these plastic canvases was just so easy. So while I perfect my skills on my lap loom, this was project took me just a couple afternoons to complete. 
I borrowed a few basic weaving methods, threaded my needle, and went to town. The beauty about this project is there is no right or wrong way to weave. Here are a few examples of stitches to get you started. But experiment! Get creative. Play with colors and textures. Then share your faux weaving with us on Instagram. We'd love to see what you make! #foxtailandmoss



  1. I LOVE this. Like, I NEED THIS IN MY APARTMENT, IMMEDIATELY. You gals are basically my spirit animals.

  2. Omg- Holly, being called someone's spirit animal might be the best compliment we've ever received! Xoxo!