Friday, January 30

MAKE // Marble and Copper Plant Stand


Back in the fall, we talked about brining outdoor plants inside to weather the winter. It can be a tricky process, keeping those things alive all those months, but somehow I've managed to do it. I'd even go so far as to say a few of my plants are thriving! I decided to celebrate ( off) my green thumb success, by making a lovely little stand on which to perch my favorite plant. So I gathered some inspiration from the million or so amazing plant stand DIYs circulating Pinterest right now, and headed to the hardware store to see what I could come up with. Thanks to some sage advice from a random and kind old man who was watching me struggle with fittings in the plumbing aisle, this plant stand is not only a cinch to put together, but cost me under $25 to make. I'm in love with how modern the copper and marble look together. And I think my plant is pretty happy too!


Three 3/4 inch Copper Pipes cut 10 inches long
Three 3/4 inch Copper Tee Fittings
Three 3/4 inch Copper Tube Caps
Six 3/4 inch Copper Tube Straps
Polished Porcelain Floor Tile (12 inches x 12 inches)
Plywood (10 inches x 10 inches x 1/4 inch)
Wood Glue
Twelve 3/4 inch screws

Step One // Lay the floor tile face down and center the plywood on the back. Glue the plywood in place. Make sure you follow the directions on the glue and allow to dry a full 24 hours.

Step Two // Plan the placement of the legs by laying the tee fittings and tube straps out on the plywood. If you go with three legs like I did, placing them in a tripod (or triangle) shape will make the stand most sturdy. Measure and mark where you will position the legs and then drill holes for the screws.

Step Three // Secure the tee fittings with the tube straps and screw in to place.

Step Four // Fit the pipes in to the tees and put the end caps on the open end of the pipes. Now your legs are in place!

Step Five // Turn the stand over and make sure it's level. I had to adjust one of my legs by bending it out ever so slightly. Place your favorite plant on top and sit back and enjoy!

What do you guys think!? Share your Foxtail + Moss inspired DIYs with us by tagging photos with #foxtailmakes.



  1. I absolutely love this DIY!! Definitely going to give it a go. -Katie

  2. Going to the hardware store now! Can't wait to make this. ❤️