Tuesday, February 3

THINGS WE LOVE: Winter Skincare Products

So, winter. Yeah. It finally hit us, here in Chicago. And, boy, did it hit like a ton of bricks. Or rather, like a ton of snow! Sunday's blizzard has left us buried deep under drifts and cuddled up in blankets. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favorite winter time skin care products. Arctic temperatures and blustering winds raging outside and dry heat blasting indoors, will really do a number on you. It's hard to avoid feeling dehydrated, flaky, and cracked. Yuck! Here are four fabulous products that are saving our skin.

Vermont's Original Bag Balm / This stuff works miracles on dry cracked winter hands! It contains lanolin so the smell is a little…intense…but nothing moisturizers quite like this balm. Apply a little to your hands and feet at night and wake up with the softest skin ever!

Hydro Salve by Baxter of California / Technically, Baxter of California is a men's grooming line. But we've yet to meet a lip balm that actually hydrates the way Hydro Salve does. Enriched with vitamins C and E, it leaves our lips feeling super supple without having to reapply a million times a day. And bonus, you can share it with your dude!

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum / Argan oil has been all the rage in hair serums for a few years now. But have you tried it as a facial moisturizer? Lauren recently picked up this serum by Nourish Organic and she's smitten. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated but not greasy at all! And it contains rose hip oil, which smooths skin texture and evens out tone. Use a couple pumps every night before bed and a pump in the morning under your regular moisturizer.

Expeller Pressed Virgin Organic Coconut Oil / Our go to body lotion. Dry skin soaks it right up and the oil locks in moisture that lasts all day. But we use coconut oil for just about everything else as well. Seriously! We use it in our hair, as a makeup remover, for oil pulling. We even cook with it. There are just so many benefits to coconut oil. We couldn't live with out it!

What are your favorite products to save your skin during these chilly winter months?

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  1. Bag Balm is the best! I swear it's a miracle worked on my hands. Hydro salve does look pretty good. I might try it to compare to my Jack Black lip balm.


  2. I've never tried the Jack Black lip balm but I heart the packaging so much I might have to give it a go! Xx. Lauren