Thursday, February 5


Valentine's Day is next week and we've got all sorts of lovey dovey feelings going on over here. So we thought it would be fun to make a Valentine's Day themed mixtape to get you in the mood as well! We had a blast compiling our favorite songs about love, friendship, heartbreak, breaking up, making up, and making out.

What are some of your favorite l-o-v-e songs? Let us know what you think of the mixtape and if you'd like to see more here on the blog!


  1. One of my favorite love songs is Stevie Wonder's I Believe. Lovely lyrics and a funky jam! -Katie

  2. We LOVE Stevie! He kind of writes all the best love songs, don't you think? Xx.

  3. I listened to your mix tape today as I worked..I loved it. It put me in such a great mood..I wanted to Dance.
    Keep the mix tapes coming. I love your choices.