Friday, November 13

A Friday Distraction / 04

Can you believe how fast this month is flying by!? We're feeling desperate for a pause button to slow things down before the Holidays hit. The past few days have been extra chilly around these parts, but we're projected to have warmer days through Monday, so soaking up these last few sunshine-y Autumn days is on our agenda for the weekend. Also, my birthday is next week so we're celebrating by hosting a birthday brunch on Sunday! Do you have big plans? Here are a few mindless links to kill some time before the weekend officially starts...

Hygge all winter long, please.

She's baaaack. And she's still killing it, of course.

An more modern take on the best song ever. #alanisforever

Loving these ideas for getting festive in a tiny space. Reminds us of this wild Holiday-inspired wall hanging we made last year.

How genius and hilarious is this interview? What would my 18 year old self ask my now self? Do you still love your nautical star tramp stamp tattoo SO much? (The answer is no.)

The most dreamy portraits.

Planning an epic road trip this Spring and Joshua Tree is definitely on the must-see list. I'm dying to stay here!

Emily Post couldn't have said it better. How to act on social media.

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