Friday, October 3

12 Minute DIY // Painted Stones

FOXTAIL + MOSSFOXTAIL + MOSSFOXTAIL + MOSSFOXTAIL + MOSSI have this kind of strange habit of collecting rocks as souvenirs on vacation. Forget shot glasses or t-shirts or little license plates with my name stamped on it. Give me gravel and I'm happy. On camping trips or visits to the lake, you'll find me combing the earth for hours picking up smooth stones and pretty pebbles. "Oh! Look at this one! No wait, this one. Omg. Thisssss one!" I collect them by the arm loads and stuff them in my suitcase. I have more than a few little rock piles lying around my house. They're like talismans, conjuring vacation memories. I hold them in my palm and recall the trip, the exact moment and place, where I found them.And then one afternoon I decided to paint my little stone souvenirs. Because, why not? (Why not paint absolutely everything with metallic paint!? That's my motto.) Armed with craft paint and paint markers, this "DIY" took me mere moments. I love the organic nature-y vibe the rocks give off lying in a dish on my coffee table! Do you have any weird trinkets or souvenirs you collect on vacations? Tiny spoons or thimbles with State birds painted on them? I love that kind of kitschy stuff. Do tell!{Lauren}

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