Monday, June 15

MAKE // DIY Triangle Wall Hanging

A few weeks ago, I shared the after photos from my recent bedroom makeover. My absolute favorite part of my new room is the wall hanging I made to go above our bed. It's a huge statement piece but it was easy as pie to DIY. In fact, I love the hanging so much and it was so simple to make, that I've made a few smaller versions since then. Many of you asked if I would share the project here on the blog, and I am finally getting around to it!

Supplies //
Copper Pipe
Copper Accent Pieces
Tube Cutter
Yarn (five different textures and types)
Suede Cord

Step One // Using the tube cutter, cut the copper pipe to your desired length. For this wall hanging I used 1/4 inch diameter pipe and cut the length to 16 inches. Cut a piece of suede to 50 inches in length. Thread the suede through the pipe and knot. Feed the knot in to the tube to hide it and hang.

*Because I used such thin pipe for this wall hanging, the knot was too large to feed in to the tube. I didn't want the knot to show when the piece was hanging so I sewed the ends of the suede together with a few small stitches and fed the sewn ends in to the tube. I like the look of the thin pipe and sewing the ends together was a simple solution but using a pipe with a larger diameter will make it easier to hide a knot.

Step Two //  Cut yarn to pieces approximately one yard in length. This might seem a little long but you will trim the excess length later.

Step Three //  Secure the yarn to the pipe using a larks head knot (see photos above). Play around with the patterns of yarn to achieve the look and texture you want. I knotted a few pieces of yarn together to add extra interest.

Step Four // Slip a few copper accent pieces on the hanging. Thread the copper through two or three pieces of your thickest yarn to make sure they are secure.

Step Five // Trim the excess length of yarn to your desired length.

So easy, right!? If you're not so keen on the DIY thing and are interested in purchasing a wall hanging, send us an email at!


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